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MetSpec instrument shelters have been proving their worth for 12 years. They are in service in Antarctica, around the Equator, on oil rig installations worldwide, and at many locations in between.

With a wide range of sizes, one and two door versions, and special large screens available too, we can always cater for your needs.
Complete customisation of the interior can be carried out, so you can be sure to be able to fit anything inside them, for example:

  • Glass in bulb thermometers
  • Thermo/hygrographs
  • Loggers
  • Non meteorological equipment which requires secure housing, for example tide guages

With tough aluminium and plastic exteriors, they offer outstanding protection from the heating effects of solar radiation and direct exposure to rain and snow.
Benefits over traditional simple wooden Screens include:

  • Weatherproof construction
  • Better protection against blowing snow
  • Improved accuracy
  • Unique double-louvered construction
  • Highly durable, non yellowing, UV stable plastic
  • Secure accommodation for a complete range of thermometers, sensors and larger equipment

MetSpec Instrument Shelters are an established industry standard and are sold to many national meteorological services and industrial customers worldwide. They have proven to be durable over many years, and are in daily use in many countries with extreme and varied climates. Their innovative design features a durable white powder-coated frame and robust outer louvers which are resistant to UV radiation and chemical attack.

The shelters feature a white outer reflective surface, combined with an inner barrier of non-reflective, black louvers. This prevents sunlight and reflected radiation reaching the sensors or thermometers, whilst still allowing air to flow across them. Inter-comparison trials have confirmed that errors under adverse conditions are significantly less than inside the old wooden Stevenson Screens.


Key Features

  • Extremely durable design
  • Accuracy in trials
  • Improved protection against wind-blown precipitation
  • Secure installation of thermometers, with stable mounting
  • Durable white reflective UV stable plastic and aluminium frame



Testing of Metspec Screens has been carried out by several national meteorological services. Test reports are available upon request.
For our standard range of Screens, in conditions of high solar radiation and wind speeds less than 1 m/s the readings were compared to aspirated shields and traditional wooden Stevenson Screens.

The errors were less than those recorded in wooden Stevenson and close to those in aspirated shields.



  • Double louvred high impact thermoplastic louvres
  • White external layer, with UV stabiliser for long-term weather resistance
  • Extra black internal layer
  • Aluminium frame with durable white powder coating
  • A4 grade (316), stainless steel bolts used throughout
  • High impact UV stable roofs and floors
  • Easy mounting onto metal structures
  • Padlockable doors at the front and rear, which hinge downwards