Droni con Telecamera a Bordo

DJI - Phantom 4 Visualizza ingrandito

DJI - Drone Spreading Wings S1000 + A3 + Lightbridge 2 + Zenmuse Z15-GH4 (HD)


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Drone Kit completo, camera esclusa

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6 000,00 €


kit Drone DJi composto da:

Large Carrying Capacity, Strong and Stable

Highly Portable, with Foldable Arms

New Power Distribution System

Removable Upper Center Board

Sparkproof Plug

Professional Quality

Wide Range of Shooting Angles

Retractable Landing Gear

Compatible with Zenmuse Gimbals

Reduced Vibrations, Clearer Footage

Greater Power

Innovative Arm Design

Triple Modular Redundancy

Precision Controls with Fault-Tolerance

Compatible with D-RTK GNSS, Smart ESCs, Intelligent Batteries, and Lightbridge 2

DJI SDK Compatibility

Precise Configuration with DJI Assistant 2

Professional HD Broadcasting

Real-time 1080P Video Transmission

Intelligent, Dynamic Channel Selection

Included Remote Controller with Integrated Transmitter

Master-Slave Mode

Dual Video Stream Support

3G-SDI and mini-HDMI Outputs

Another Evolutionary 3-axis Professional HD Gimbal

Built for the Panasonic GH4/GH3


3-axis Rotation Control

A Total Solution

Multiple Control Modes

Gimbal Servo Drive Module

Built-In Independent IMU Module